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Our products for animal birthing and breeding


HK Calf Puller

HK Geburtshelfer mit Mechanik 2060 Cows and heifers usually give birth without help. But if there are complications occur during the second stage, mechanical calf pullers are a life saving aid. The use of a suitable calf puller is especially important, alongside care and expertise. Otherwise, serious injury or stillbirths could result. An HK Rheintechnik calf puller is the right tool to choose. More than 1.5 million calf puller have been sold since Hermann Kaspar developed the HK Rheintechnik calf puller more than 50 years ago. HK Rheintechnik calf pullers are known for their reliability.

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HK Pregnancy Tester

HK Trächtigkeitsdiagnosegerät für Kühe The device generates ultrasonic waves that are sent out from the transducer and reflected when they meet separating layers (e.g. tissue fluid). In pregnancy, the amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus increases so dramatically that it slowly descends into the abdominal cavity, meaning the ultrasonic waves can pick it up. The device converts the reflected ultrasonic waves into a continuous noise, indicating pregnancy. An intermittent whistle noise denotes a lack of separating layer – the animal is not pregnant.

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HK Calf Resuscitator

HK Beatmungspumpe The first few minutes are decisive! The calf comes hind legs first or stays in the birth canal for too long. Breathing does not start, birth mucus closes the airways. Now is the time to act quickly! The calf is often pulled up by its hind legs or hung over the closest fence to enable the mucus to flow out of the airways. But the opposite actually happens: the calf has even more trouble breathing as its internal organs press against its lungs and bronchi. Using a resuscitator, colloquially known as a ‘calf saver’, is much easier on the farmer’s back and also far more effective. Purchasing a resuscitator pays for itself after saving just one calf.
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Available in well-stocked stores and online.