Teaserbild Komfort im Stall
Comfort in the stable
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Teaser image farm hygiene and pest control
Farm Hygiene & Pest Control
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Teaserbild Kälberaufzucht und Milchwirtschaft
Calf rearing & Dairy farming
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Teaserbild Ergänzungsfuttermittel
Supplementary Feed
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Teaser Bild Covalliero Frühjahr Sommer Kollektion 2023
The new Spring/Summer Collection
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Teaserbild Arbeit und Sicherheit
Protective Equipment
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Teaserbild Experten-Team von Kerbl
Do you have any questions?
Our product expert team
Teaserbild Hobbyfarming
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Your Animal Experts

As a producer and wholesaler, the Kerbl Group offers you a uniquely broad, efficient and up-to-date range of accessories for animal breeding and husbandry.
We are a family business led by the owner Albert Kerbl, who is well known for being a reliable partner.
Our roots are in animal husbandry and it is our constant endeavour to make your daily work as farmers, breeders and animal lovers easier with new solutions and innovations.

We can already look back on a success story of more than 50 years and since the foundation of Albert Kerbl GmbH in 1984, we have developed into a "global player" with foresight, market knowledge and a high level of innovation.