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Questions and answers regarding Kerbl’s takeover of Rheintechnik.


Who is responsible for air-one and hippomed products and service repairs?
The product lines air-one ultrasonic inhaler and hippomed belong to Albert Kerbl GmbH since 2022.
For more information on warranty and use, please visit .

How will the takeover affect me as a customer?
Products will continue to be sold exclusively by Kerbl. All Rheintechnik products will continue to be made in the same high quality. We will remain true to the Rheintechnik philosophy of producing innovative and high-quality birthing aid products.

Who will be responsible for development and new products at Rheintechnik in future?
Kerbl’s own product development department will take care of development.

Will there be any new products?
Our strategy in taking over this brand is not to rest on our laurels, but to develop further innovative products in the birthing aid sector under the Rheintechnik brand.

Can Kerbl repair my Rheintechnik products? What about my warranties?
Yes. As part of the takeover, all service and warranty responsibilities are also being transferred to Albert Kerbl GmbH.