HK Calf Puller with Mechanism 2060

The tension limiter prevents pulling the calf with too much force. Without regulation, tensile forces of up to 600 kg can be achieved, representing a substantial risk of injury to the cow and calf. For normal births, forces of up to 160 kg are entirely sufficient.

The HK Rheintechnik Mechanism 2060 is fitted with a freely adjustable tension control. The lever locks when the pre-set force is attained. The tension control can also be released in an emergency.

  • low weight, as the ratchet is made entirely of aluminium
  • with 2 hooks for the calving ropes (equal tension)
  • super easy to use quick release, even under load
  • the mechanism can be moved 360° around the tube in all models, providing unlimited flexibility
  • Material: Steel
  • 3-year warranty
Ref. no.DescriptionLengthPUPallet
102060with large plastic head and steel clamps180 cm130 PAL
10140with HK Flexi Frames180 cm148 PAL
10141with HK Flexi Frames180 cm116 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialLengthsuitable forPU
106907Threaded Piece for Attaching the ExtensionSteel 1069081
106908Extension for HK Calf PullersSteel30 cm 1
Preview imageItem. No.Description1020601014010141
Pair of ropes 8mm for103Pair of ropes 8mm forxxx
plastic support, large,106818plastic support, large,x  
HK-FLEXI frame106820HK-FLEXI frame x 
HK-FLEXI frame106821HK-FLEXI frame  x
Interm. part thread. pc for106907Interm. part thread. pc forxxx
lengthening ca. 30 cm106908lengthening ca. 30 cmxxx
 106408Plastic cap for the lowerxxx
 106414bolt and spring (1 each)xxx
 106612Set of locking plates,xxx
 106811Ratchet mechanism 2060
 106817set of cover plates andxxx
 106823Supporting-holding bowx  
 106825Plastic cap for thexx 
Intermediate piece,aluminium106826Intermediate piece,aluminiumx  
 106827Screw M 8x55 and nut M 8 forx  
Locking pin, 6x6 millimeter106828Locking pin, 6x6 millimeterx  
 106903lower part tubexxx
 106904Upper tube part with holexxx
 106905tube complete HK calf puller,xxx
Replacement spring for116Replacement spring forx  
 106829PVC Cap K 30 for Flexi Frame  x
 106830Screw M8x50 a. nut xx