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Inhalers for horses

Inhalation for horses - the most effective treatment method for respiratory diseases
Acute, chronic or allergy-related coughing is now one of the most common health problems in horses. There can be many reasons why respiratory diseases develop.

These include:
  • Stabling problems: Too much dust in the stable, lack of exercise, too little fresh air (e.g. harmful gases such as ammonia)
  • Previous infections that were not treated correctly
  • Allergy to fungal spores from hay and straw or to pollen from flowers
  • Viruses, bacteria (occasionally also parasites)
  • Genetic predisposition
In most cases, several causes simultaneously lead to a weakening of the immune system, resulting in respiratory diseases (COB, COPD, IAD, RAO). These clinical pictures are also called equine asthma.

One of the most effective treatments for respiratory problems is inhalation by means of cold nebulisation with ultrasound. This allows the target organ - in this case the lung - to be treated directly. In addition to the treatment of diseases, inhalation is also used in sports for prophylaxis and regeneration.

Properties AirOne AirOne Flex
Stationary operation
Mobile operation
Lightweight at just 960g
Nebuliser output of 15 ml/min
Particle size in the range of 0.5 to 6 µm
2-chamber cold nebulisation
Inhaler housing is impact-resistant and splash-proof (IP54)
Simple cleaning and disinfection
Transparent mask in size: Shetty
Transparent mask in size: Warmblood
Transparent mask in size: Coldblood
Multi-functional mask with valves to adjust the inhalation intensity