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Frequently asked questions

How long is the warranty?

Albert Kerbl GmbH grants you a 2-year warranty on the ultrasound base unit in accordance with our general warranty conditions. These general warranty conditions can be found at We will also be happy to send you the warranty conditions by post. Your statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by our guarantee. This warranty begins on the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover:

  1. Damage caused by natural wear and tear (wear parts such as the oscillator / transducer), excessive strain and incorrect use (non-compliance with operating instructions).
  2. Damage caused by force majeure or sustained during transport.
  3. Damage to rubber parts, e.g. on access lines.
  4. Damage to the mask including its attachments (valves) and the tube.
Warranty repairs are only carried out by the service centre (DE/AT) or an authorised contracted workshop! The manufacturer reserves the right to reject any warranty claims in the event of non-compliance.

The unit must for this purpose be delivered to the specified service address, at the risk of the unit's owner, complete, packaged and with sufficient postage, including the original invoice. Please provide as much information as possible on the nature of the problem (see form).

Costs incurred as a result of unjustified defect claims will be invoiced to the unit's owner.

What mask sizes are available?

  • AirOne (230 Volt): Pony, Shetty, Warmblood and Coldblood
  • AirOne Flex (battery): Pony, Warmblood and Coldblood

How do I put on the mask?

Always open the ventilation disk at the front first, then from the throat over the nostrils (from the bottom back to the front).

How high do I have to put the mask on?

The mask only needs to sit slightly above the nostrils, not up to the beginning of the cheekbone.

What can you inhale?

Please always consult your family veterinarian before having any medication inhaled. Saline is usually safe and is available without a prescription.

How much contact fluid needs to be introduced into the nebuliser chamber?

60 ml

How often do I have to change/refill the contact fluid?
  • If the water level indicator shows that there is too little contact liquid in the unit
  • If visual contamination is detected
  • If the inhaler is not used for more than one week
How should the inhaler be stored?

Dry and frost-free in the storage box provided

What do I do with the tube after inhalation?

After disinfection, rinse with sufficient water and hang to dry in a suitable place. Do not hang on sharp edges or on the heater.

How long should inhalation take place for?

We recommend once to a maximum of twice a day for 10 to 20 min or as recommended by the vet.

How do I clean the AirOne/ AirOne Flex?

All mask parts and the breathing tube must be disinfected after each use, then rinsed with water and dried afterwards. The inhalation unit can be wiped down with water and a soft cloth.

What do I do if liquid collects in the tube?

Please check if the droplet catcher (small white ring in the nebulising chamber lid) is seated correctly. The slit must point upwards.

Why is steam suddenly coming out of the nebulising chamber lid?

In this case, the inhalation valve in the mask is not working correctly (dirty, bent or broken). The inhalation valve should act as a non-return valve.

Can I use the AirOne / AirOne Flex with several horses?

Yes, as many as you like! It is important to thoroughly clean/disinfect the mask parts before letting another horse inhale.

Any other questions?

We’ll be happy to advise you - simply contact us on:
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For chargeable or warranty repairs, please download the hippomed repair application and fill it out in full: