Lighting for Horses and Humans

Using Kerbl lights, you can accommodate the sensitivities of both humans and animals. Our lighting range has been designed for use in animal husbandry and conforms to the recommendations of the German Equestrian Federation (“Horse Care, Stables and Equestrian Facilities – Guidance for Construction and Modernisation” – 12th edition 2019)

Pferde im beleuchteten Stall
Comfort for animals and humans
There are many factors at play when it comes to the right lighting for animals and humans. The light spectrum and the light distribution in particular have a huge influence on the biological effects, and so on the fertility, immune system, welfare, activity, growth and performance of your animals. And yet the working conditions of horse owners and vets can also be significantly improved with the right lighting.
Put your trust in Kerbl’s experience: Our lights were specially developed for lasting use in stables and similarly demanding environments.
As well as high stress due to humidity and dust, lights in stables are exposed to a lot of chemicals in the ambient air and due to cleaning processes. In particular, lights have to be able to withstand high concentrations of ammonia. Therefore, to ensure a long service life, we focus our efforts on the technical design, the use of suitable electronic components and materials, and high-quality workmanship of our LED lights.
And we don’t just rely on our own expertise – we also put our products through special safety and load tests by independent and recognised testing institutes such as TÜV Süd and the DLG Test Lab. Our LED indoor spotlights and MultiLED Pro and FarmPRO lights have passed ammonia resistance tests at the DLG Test Lab.
Economic and environmentally friendly operation
Not all LEDs are made equal. The details matter when it comes to taking full advantage of the potential savings in terms of costs and energy consumption. A high light output and optimised light distribution reduce the number of lamps required. At the same time, it’s also what’s inside that counts if you want to enjoy your lighting for a long time, as this ultimately affects the life and maintenance costs.

Zeichen für homogenes Licht
Homogeneous and glare-free light
Our LED lights ensure homogeneous illumination and take into account horses’ high light needs. Even and glare-free illumination
prevents shadows, which horses can perceive as a threat in their two-dimensional field of view.
Please refer to our calculation and arrangement guide.

Piktogramm für pferdegerechtes Licht
Horse-friendly light
The colour temperature of our light is within the range of daylight white (> 5,300 K). The higher the colour temperature, the higher the blue/green portion in the spectral composition of the light. This decisively accommodates horse colour perception.

Piktogramm für angepasste Lichtverhältnisse
Custom lighting conditions
Lighting controls mean you can address external lighting conditions individually and create a smooth transition using automatic dimming. This makes adapting to ambient lighting conditions easier. Combine individual lights to form switching groups and you can respond to individual lighting requirements both indoors and out. Get help from our team of experts. You can find more information at the back of the brochure.

Zeichen für Behandlungslicht
Treatment light
Use our lights in stalls and pens for sick animals, and in hoof care. The excellent colour reproduction of our lights creates a suitable
environment for examinations and treatments.
The “Light and lighting – Lighting of work places – Part 1: Workplaces in interiors” (DIN EN 12464-1) standard recommends an illuminance
of 200 lux in stalls for sick animals.
You can find a list of lighting strength and light distribution curve for the individual lights here.