LED lighting for stable and farmyard

Modern LED lighting in the barn and around the farm has a positive effect on animals and humans. Lighting duration, lighting intensity and light colour have a great influence on lactation, fertility, immune system, well-being, activity, growth and performance of the animals.

Dairy Farming
In dairy farming, lighting management is therefore of particular importance. Scientific studies show that long periods of daylight can increase daily milk production.

Horses see differently
Horses, as steppe animals, have a high light requirement and, as flight animals, have a very wide field of vision (340°). They see mainly in shades of green and blue and adapt only slowly to changes in light and dark.
The lighting must be adapted to these needs and special features. The Comfort Pro riding arena luminaire, for example, offers a high light intensity with a light spectrum suitable for horses. Homogeneous illumination reduces glare and light-shadow contrast, and the light is only directed where it is needed. Perfect light for horse and rider!
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Comfort for animal and human
But the working conditions for farmers and veterinarians can also be significantly improved with the right lighting. For example, mental and physical performance can be promoted in people and rapid eye fatigue can be prevented.
Tested top quality
The lights of Kerbl have been specially developed for long-lasting use in stables or similarly demanding environments. In addition to increased exposure to moisture and dust, luminaires in stables are often exposed to high chemical stress from the surrounding air as well as from cleaning processes. In particular, care must be taken to ensure that the luminaires can withstand high concentrations of ammonia.
In this respect, we not only rely on our own expertise, but also subject our products to special safety and stress tests by independent and recognised test institutes such as TÜV Süd or the DLG test laboratory.

Our LED indoor floodlights as well as the MultiLED Pro and FarmPRO luminaires have been successfully tested for ammonia resistance by the DLG test laboratory!

So trust Kerbl's years of experience when choosing the right lighting.