LED-Flutlicht Comfort Pro 200 Watt
200 W
LED-Flutlicht Comfort Pro 100 Watt
100 W
LED-Flutlicht Comfort Pro 50 Watt
50 W

LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light Comfort Pro
LED light for illuminating outdoor areas and riding arenas.
  • integrated lens optic ensures extremely broad and front-facing lighting
  • Light is directed to where it is needed – low light pollution
  • Reduces glare and light-shadow contrast
  • protected against temporary immersion and dust-proof (IP 67 protection class)
  • with integrated mounting bracket
  • high-quality workmanship
  • can be mounted on floodlight towers with optional adapter (item no. 345693)
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 5-year warranty

MultiLED pro
MultiLED pro
LED light MultiLED pro
LED light for lighting stables, riding halls and arenas, industrial buildings and warehouses
  • optimal light distribution via individually adjustable modules
  • excellent heat dissipation due to a solid heat sink
  • high-quality materials for use in tough environments
  • very high ammonia-resistant
  • protected against powerful water jets and dust-proof (IP 65 protection class)
  • with D marking according to DIN EN 60598-2-24, therefore suitable for areas at risk of fires due to combustible dusts or fibres (hay storage, feed, litter, etc.)
  • direct or hanging ceiling installation with adjustable mounting brackets or eyelets
  • incl. dimming function (can be controlled via a 1 - 10 V, PWM or resistance signal)
  • with energy efficient SMD chips from Philips
Perfect light for horse and rider with Comfort Pro 200 W
As steppe animals, horses have a high need for light and, as prey animals, have a very wide field of view (340 °). They see in mainly shades of green and blue and only adapt slowly to changes between light and dark. The LED floodlight Comfort Pro 200 W is adapted to these needs and special features and is therefore perfectly suited as a riding arena light. It provides high light intensity within a horse-friendly light spectrum. Homogeneous illumination reduces glare and light/shadow contrast, only directing the light to where it is needed. Perfect lighting for horse and rider! Find out more in the “LED Lighting for Horses” brochure .
Vergleich Reitplatzausleuchtung des Comfort Pro 200 W (linkes Bild) mit Standard-Flutlicht (rechtes Bild)
Comparison of riding arena illumination of the Comfort Pro 200 W (left) with standard floodlights (right)