LED Indoor Spotlight

LED light for lighting stables, riding halls, industrial buildings and

  • resistant to ammonia (DLG-tested)
  • ideal for high-ceiling structures
  • with energy efficient SMD chips from Philips
  • excellent light yield
  • high colour temperature for fatigue-free visibility
  • with D marking according to DIN EN 60598-2-24, therefore suitable for areas at risk of fires due to combustible dusts or fibres (hay storage, feed, litter, etc.)
  • direct or suspended ceiling installation
  • special heat sink shape for optimised heat dissipation
  • protected against powerful water jets and dust-proof (IP 65 protection class)
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • 5-year warranty
  • TÜV-GS approved

Conversion to LED technology

Investment calculation using a riding arena as an example
Halogen metal halide lamps (HQI/HIE) are frequently the first choice for riding arena lighting due to their relatively good luminous efficacy and colour rendering. The following example shows, however, that a conversion to LED technology can pay for itself quite quickly.
Riding arena of 40 x 24 metres
Installation height of the lights 6 metres
Average lighting strength approx. 200 lux
Average burning life of 6 hours per day
 Type of luminaireHalogen-metal vapour 250 WLED Indoor Spotlight 150 W
 Power consumption272 watts (incl. ballast)150 watts
 Service life of the light sourceapprox. 11,000 hours (= 5 years at a burning life of 6 h/day)approx. 100,000 hours (= 45 years at a burning life of 6 h/day)
 Required number of lights for 200 lux20 pieces15 pieces
 Total connected power in the riding arena5440 watts2250 watts
 Energy consumption per year (2190 h)11.914 kWh4.928 kWh
 Investment costs for 15 LED lights3.735 €
 Energy costs per year (€0.20 /kWh)2.383 €986 €
 Costs for lamp replacement, annualised128 €
 Total costs per year2.511 €986 €
Cost savings per year: 1.525 €
Amortisation period: 2,5 Jahre
Total cost savings after 20 years: 26.765 €