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Comfort in the stable

Nowadays, technology in the stable can increase animal welfare, make work easier for the farmer and reduce costs in the medium to long term.

The use of a cow-cleaning machine makes a significant contribution to the well-being of the cows, which leads to an increased milk yield and reduces veterinarian costs.

Optimised LED lightning management has a great influence on animal well-being, fertility and milk yield and promotes mental and physical performance in humans.

In addition to well-being, the water intake of the animals has a great influence on milk yield. Drinking basins and troughs should be correctly dimensioned and placed to increase water intake and thus positively influence performance.

Stable cameras allow the farmer to monitor the stable from the tractor or even from the sofa, and he can pursue other work or enjoy his free time with a clear conscience.

With the calving alarm, the farmer is informed in good time about the births of the cows without having to constantly check the cows.

Find out more about camera monitoring, calving indicators, LED lighting, cow cleaning machines and drinking bowls in the individual sections. Kerbl is your reliable partner when it comes to technology in the barn.