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Hay nets for horses

How useful are hay nets, hay bags and co. for horses?

Hay nets for horses are essential as they can support the natural feeding behaviour of horses.

Horses are naturally continuous eaters, spending most of their day grazing or eating hay. In the wild, horses continuously consume small amounts of food, which benefits their delicate  digestive system .

However, when feeding in stables or horse trailers, it can be difficult to support this natural feeding behaviour. This is where specially designed nets come into play. These hay bags  allow horses to eat the hay slowly and continuously during the journey. This is not only reassuring for the animals, but also minimises the risk of stomach problems due to fasting.
The use of Slow Feeding Nets ensures that the horses do not waste their feed and prevents overeating, which could lead to digestive problems .

Hay nets for round bales and feed racks for horses are extremely practical

Pferdde kanbbern an einem Rundballenheunetz

In addition, hay nets for round bales and hay racks are extremely practical for horses, as they ensure slower feed intake. The hay can also no longer be spread everywhere so easily. Hay nets and feed racks prevent wastage of feed and contamination of roughage. This type of feeding is more economical and hygienic for the farmer.
Overall, hay nets for horses help to ensure the animals' well-being by supporting their natural feeding behaviour , promoting digestion and optimising feed consumption at the same time. They are a practical and sensible solution for the species-appropriate feeding of horses in various situations.