Slow Feeding Net

The net is placed over the food/bales so that the animals eat more slowly and thoroughly, helping to improve their digestion.

  • reduced dust formation
  • appropriate feeding
  • little food is wasted

art. 291295 galvanised frame

for easier fastening of the slow feeding net

convenient and quick to fold up and down

  • Material: Polypropylene
Ref. no.ColourLengthWidthMesh sizePUPAL
291260green3.6 m2.4 m45 x 45 mm1/648 PAL
291261green3.6 m2.4 m100 x 100 mm1/1080 PAL
291262green2.8 m2.8 m45 x 45 mm1/672 PAL
291263green2.8 m2.8 m100 x 100 mm1/1296 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialLengthWidthPU
291295Frame for Slow Feeding Netmetal galvanised1.83 m1.83 m1