Colostrum management in calf feeding - the key to improving calf health

Feeding the calf immediately after birth is crucial for its further development.

A calf is born without immune protection and is defenceless against diseases. The newborn calf can absorb so-called immunoglobulins via the colostrum in order to build up its own immune system and shield itself against pathogens, etc. The calf's intestinal wall is permeable to bacteria immediately after birth. Immediately after birth, the permeability of the intestinal wall for immunoglobulins from colostrum is at its highest. 

It is therefore recommended for the optimal supply of newborn calves...
  • within the first 3 hours after birth
  • 10% of the body weight of the newborn calf
  • of high-quality colostrum within the first three hours after birth
This lays the foundation for further development to full performance and health.

Refraktometer zur genaueren und schnellen Bestimmung der Kolostralmilchqualität


What is the quality of the colostrum? With the refractometer from Kerbl, the Brix content of the colostrum can be determined quickly, accurately and easily.


ColostroStart Management

In order to build up reserves of very good quality colostrum and have it available quickly, Kerbl also offers ColostroStart Management.

MilkyFeeder und MilkyDrencher

MilkyFeeder and MilkyDrencher

With the MilkyFeeder or MilkyDrencher calf bottle, Kerbl offers the right equipment for administering the first beestings.