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Occupational material for calves

Mutual sucking and licking of objects is often caused when young animals are reared without a mother, as their need to suck is not yet sufficiently satisfied. Mutual sucking can cause health problems for the calves, such as digestive disorders, stunted growth and teat injuries.

Occupational materials in the calf pen prevent undesirable behaviour and promote social and play behaviour.

To ensure the vitality of the calves, this need of the animals must be met. With the appropriate occupational material, boredom is reduced and curiosity is positively challenged. In addition, the playful interaction between the animals in a group is positively influenced. Sufficient occupational material in the calf pen accustoms the animals to different objects. As a result, calves learn to deal with new situations and objects, which leads to less stress for the animals later on.

Kerbl offers several products to equip the calf playground:

Kälber mit pinkem Futterspielball

Feed Ball Toy

This ball is especially suitable for use in stables, pastures or paddocks. The 19 feed openings allow for optimal roughage intake. A larger opening makes it very easy to fill the play ball.
Kälber mit Futterspielsack


The feed play bag is universally applicable and easy to mount in the stable or on the pasture. This is optimally suited for species-appropriate feeding of hay.

Beschäftigungssauger für Kälber

Teat Activity Set

With this teat, calves can fulfil their unmet need to suckle. The teat is mounted on the wall and provides an occupation option for individual and group housing.

Spielseil für Kälber

Play ropes

Cotton play ropes for calves, made of 100% high-quality cotton, encourage curiosity and chewing, support dental hygiene and chewing muscles. Available in different sizes, they offer a variety of play options, are environmentally friendly, sustainable and easy to clean - perfect for the well-being of young animals.
Beißring Natur für Kälber

Biting Ring Natural

The biting ring is designed for young calves and is made from food-compliant, renewable raw materials such as polylactic acid from sugar cane and wood fibres. This environmentally friendly toy supports the calves' natural needs for sucking, gnawing and playing and is suitable for individual and group housing.

Spielzeug aus Naturkautschuk BiteStar für Kälber

Toy made from natural rubber BiteStar

The four protruding pins encourage the animals to play together. Due to the ingenious shape, the BiteStar is also attractive for the animals over a longer period of time. This toy is suitable for sticking on hutches or feeding bowls. A high level of attractiveness is ensured by the ability to turn and push.

Scratch Brush and Scratch Brush XL

Create activity and well-being with the help of scratch brushes. The rounded shape is ideal for scrubbing the head, neck and sides of the body. The brushes are inexpensive, can be used flexibly and take up minimal space thanks to their mounting on walls, pillars, posts or edges.
Ein Kalb reibt seinen Kopf an einer an der Stallwand befestigten Kratzbürste

Kratzmatte für Kälber und Kühe

Scratch Mat

The mobile and soft nubs of this scratch mat provide optimum coat care without the risk of skin irritation. Multifunctional application possibilities are given with this product. For example, this mat can be attached to the wall or around pillars, posts or corners.
Kratz- und Reinigungsmatte KratzPad für Kälber und Kühe

Scratch and Cleaning Mat ScratchPad

The perfect mat for natural coat care that can be easily attached anywhere. The scratching and cleaning mat with a skin-friendly structure is a simple, flexible and safe solution for every stable.

Scratching brushes from the HAPPYCOW assortment are also ideal as occupational material.