Innovative solutions for successful calf rearing

Calf rearing is a central part of cattle rearing and requires special attention and care. It is the foundation for rearing healthy and successful animals. Important aspects here include the housing and feeding of the calves.

Optimum calf housing and feeding: the basis for healthy rearing

The health of the calves in the first few weeks of life is the most important factor for successful rearing:
Immediately after birth, a calf's own active immune system must develop. A rapid supply of high-quality colostrum is essential for this. A balanced diet with milk or milk replacer, a clean and hygienic environment as well as good care and preventative healthcare are crucial to strengthening the calves' immune system.

Activity material for the calf kindergarten

Calves are curious, agile and want to be entertained. We endeavour to support livestock farmers in this labour-intensive task with suitable activity material for the calf kindergarten. Healthy calves love to romp and play with each other. It promotes their well-being and it is a joy to watch them grow up.

Effective cattle weaners: For gentle and healthy weaning of your calfs.

The mutual suckling of calves or young cattle in group housing is a problem on many farms. Injuries and infections repeatedly occur amongst the animals. Sucking on the udder region can, for example, lead to teat injuries and the subsequent loss of individual udder parts. In addition, mutual suckling during rearing increases the probability that affected animals will continue this behaviour later as young cows. Various factors relating to feeding and occupation have an influence on the occurrence of behavioural abnormalities. Cattle suckling weaners can be used to prevent mutual suckling.