Expert tips for optimal calf feeding - healthy growth right from the start

Feeding is an important component in building a functioning immune system.

Unlike humans, calves do not yet have an immune system at the time of birth. Immediately after birth, they therefore need colostrum for a passive immune defence. Full observation and ensuring sufficient colostrum intake is only possible when feeding by hand.
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Ein junges Kalb wird von einem Kind mit einer Flasche gefüttert, während die Mutter das Kalb streichelt

The further feeding of the animals depends on the rearing and feeding system of the respective farm.

As a general rule, a drinking phase follows the second feeding. During the feeding phase, the abomasum is a very important organ, as it is responsible for digesting the milk until the other stomachs are formed.

Optimisation of calf health through adapted feeding and supplementary feed

In addition to optimised feeding with milk or milk replacer, supplementary feed is an option for the best possible health of the calves. The prevention of diarrhoea is particularly important in calf rearing.

National differences in the regulations on the supply of water and roughage

The national regulations regarding the timing of offering water and roughage vary from country to country. It is advisable to offer the calves water and roughage at their free disposal after a short period of time in addition to the drinking trough with milk or milk replacer.