Calf box

The calf box ensures that the calf enjoys plenty of fresh air, but is not exposed to any draughts. It is also protected from harmful pathogenic bacteria. The animal does not lie directly on the floor in the calf box, but rather on the raised grille. This keeps the calf warmer and dryer. The calf box is available in two sizes.
Kälberhütten und -boxen für gesunde Kälber
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  • easy-to-clean side walls made from PVC panels with smooth surface
  • the open gap in the upper area of the side walls allows the calf to have visual contact with its neighbours
  • revolving door which opens in both directions
  • Feeding places can be individually blocked
  • folding handle on the front make moving it exceptionally easy
  • Can be transported with pallet forks
Das Dach der Kälberbox ist optional erhältlich
Roof with adjustable inclination

Double Calf Box

New: Easily convert single calf boxes from Kerbl into a double box.
Connect two fully-fledged single calf boxes with the extension  set to form a double box. You can raise two or three calves in pairs or groups. Pair or group rearing has many advantages, such as faster growth, better feed intake and better social behaviour. If you already have two or more Kerbl calf boxes, you can combine them with the extension set .
Kälber Doppelbox Verbindungs-Set
The double calf box is available as a ready-made complete set, consisting of two single calf boxes "Calf box large" and once "Extension set for calf box".
  • robust extension, easy to move by hand or front loader
  • flexible, easy conversion between double and single boxes
Kälber Doppelbox Verbindungs-Set
Kälber Doppelbox Verbindungs-Set