Calf box

The calf box ensures that the calf enjoys plenty of fresh air, but is not exposed to any draughts. It is also protected from harmful pathogenic bacteria.

The animal does not lie directly on the floor in the calf box, but rather on the raised grille. This keeps the calf warmer and dryer.

The calf box is available in two sizes.

  • stable,hot dip-galvanised metal frame
  • GRP base grille (two-part) offering excellent grip and anti-slip properties
  • easy-to-clean side walls made from PVC panels with smooth surface
  • the open gap in the upper area of the side walls allows the calf to have visual contact with its neighbours
  • revolving door which opens in both directions
  • includes a watering bucket mounting bracket and two foldable bucket brackets
  • Feeding places can be individually blocked
  • folding handle on the front make moving it exceptionally easy
  • transport device optionally available
  • Can be transported with pallet forks
  • roof optionally available
  • Bucket not included

Local animal protection regulations must be observed!

  • Comes disassembled
Ref. no.DescriptionPUPallet
14610Calf box small16 PAL
14611Calf box large16 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionLengthWidthHeightWeightPUPalette
14612Roof for Calf Box small153 cm98 cm3.5 cm22 kg124 PAL
14613Roof for Calf Box large and Premium180 cm120 cm3.5 cm25 kg125 PAL
14609Transport Device for Calf Box    150 PAL
14610-1GRP Floor Trivet for Calf Box small (two part)130 cm85 cm2.5 cm15.6 kg1 
14611-1GRP Floor Trivet for Calf Box large (two part)160 cm100 cm2.5 cm22 kg1 
14611-2PVC Panel Calf Box for side wall165 cm3 cm25 cm 1 
14611-3PVC Panel Calf Box for rear wall97 cm3 cm25 cm 1 
Technical dataExternal hut dimensionsHouse inner dimensionsWeight
14610173 cm x 93 cm x 131 cm130 x 85 x 106 cm121 kg
14611201 cm x 107 cm x 131 cm160 x 100 x 106 cm160 kg
Preview imageItem. No.Description1461014611
 14605-12Handle for 14610xx
 14605-13Locking Rodxx
 14605-14Bucket Ring for Calf Boxxx
 14605-15Screw Set f. Frame 14610 x
 14605-17Safety Screws x
 14605-18Screw Set Dxx
 14605-19Front Framex 
 14605-2Front Frame x
 14605-20Horizontal Brace for 14610x 
 14605-21Horizontal Brace for 14610x 
 14605-22Frame Backx 
 14605-23Door for 14610x 
 14605-24Tie Bar Lowerx 
 14605-25Rail Long Upperx 
 14605-26Rail Short Upperx 
 14605-29Screw Set Package Ax 
 14605-3Horizontal Brace for 14611 x
 14605-4Horizontal Brace for 14611 x
 14605-5Frame Back x
 14605-6Door for 14611 x
 14605-7Tie Bar Lower x
 14605-8Rail Long Upper x
 14605-9Rail Short Upper x
GRP Grille for Calf Box Small14610-1GRP Grille for Calf Box Smallx 
GRP Grille for Calf Box Large14611-1GRP Grille for Calf Box Large x
Panel for Calf Box Mod. 201714611-2Panel for Calf Box Mod. 2017xx
Panel for Calf Box Mod. 201714611-3Panel for Calf Box Mod. 2017xx
 14605-46Spare Locking Rod leftxx
 14605-47Spare Locking Rod right,xx