Individual shelf systems

Increase your sales with Kerbl

We can optimise your shelf space productivity.

We can help you set up your shelves and design modules of all assortments. To do this, we use effective shelf planning software for optimal product presentation. Choose between many extensive variants and special placements:
  • Garden and work gloves
  • Protective equipment
  • Load safety
  • Gardening supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • And much more
Take a look at examples of Kerbl shelf systems in our matching product range.

Do your shelf planning with Kerbl

We can advise you. We can optimise your shelf area productivity. We can help you increase your sales with your product range. Sophisticated shelf planning software guarantees efficient utilisation of your sales space.

Our merchandising team takes care of the implementation.
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Shelf systems for protective equipment

View in the shelf planning software
Regalplanungssoftware Spaceman Ansicht Kerbl Regalmodul Arbeitshandschuhe
Live view with product range
Regalmodul von Kerbl mit Arbeitshandschuhen
The result speaks for itself. Your shelf optimally presents your product range in the matching product design.
Gardening gloves
Kerbl Regalmodul für Gartenhandschuhe
Keron work gloves
Kerbl Regalmodul für Keron Arbeitshandschuhe
Keron work gloves
Kerbl Regalmodul für Keron Arbeitshandschuhe
Lashing straps
Regalmodul von Kerbl mit Zurrgurten
Protective equipment
Regalmodul von Kerbl mit Arbeitsschutz Zubehör

Shelf systems for agricultural products

Agricultural products
Regal Modul für Kerbl Agrar Produkte
Regalmodul für Kerbl Hobbyfarming Produkte
LED lighting
Regalmodul für Kerbl Agrar LED-Beleuchtung
Gardening supplies
Regalmodul von Kerbl mit Werkzeug

Shelf system for Kerbl Pet supplies

Regalmodul für Kerbl Pet Produkte

Shelf systems for Kerbl Brands

Regalmodul für Produkte von Aesculap Schermaschinen
Regalmodul für Produkte von AKO Weidezaun
Regalmodul für Produkte von MagicBrush