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Climate change - a global problem

Climate change, the pollution of the oceans and the consumption of fossil resources are global problems. We, Albert Kerbl GmbH, also want to do our part to stop these developments and preserve the earth in its current form. For this reason, we have developed a sustainability concept for gloves together with renowned producers:
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2.6 Recycled plastic bottles equal 1 pair of ThinkGreen gloves
2,6 Recycelte Plastikflaschen entsprechen 1 Paar
Buying one pair saves 28 g CO₂ and 1.84 l water, and 2.4 g VOC (volatile organic compounds) are avoided.
Durch den Kauf eines Paares werden 28 g CO2 und 1,84 l Wasser eingespart, sowie 2,4 g VOC (flüchtige organische Verbindungen) vermieden.

Recycled fibre

Compliance with the GRS standard (Global Recycling Standard) means that a product must consist of at least 50% recycled materials. The textile fibres of our THINKGREEN gloves marked with the GRS logo even consist of 100% recycled polyester. The high proportion of recycled materials in THINKGREEN gloves has been verified by the Intertek testing institute according to the strict criteria of the Global Recycling Standard 4.0.
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Sustainable paper

We follow the 4-pillar approach:
  • Avoid
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Degradable
Packaging materials must also be harmless to humans and organisms. As a matter of principle, we try to avoid unnecessary packaging. Our suppliers have successfully completed their certification according to FSC-STD-10-004. In order to establish a clear reference, the certificate number is printed next to the FSC logo. The cardboard used for product and transport packaging consists of 100% recycled material.
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Plastic free adhesive tapes

Instead of conventional plastic adhesive tapes, specially manufactured paper adhesive tapes are used. These consist of 70% paper, 12% natural fibres and 18% amylose.

Green colours

Conventional prints are based on toluene, xylene, industrial alcohols and other volatile organic compounds and other volatile organic compounds and are highly harmful to water bodies and the climate. In contrast, only environmentally friendly water-based inks are used for our THINKGREEN gloves.
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Find out more about our sustainable THINKGREEN gloves here:

Biodegradable plastic bags

Biologisch abbaubar Pictogramme
The plastic bags are made of biodegradable material (including corn starch and cellulose) and decompose in a natural environment under the influence of moisture and light within 6 months. We are happy to accept a somewhat milky appearance for this.
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Free from pollutants

Your health is close to our hearts. That is why THINKGREEN gloves are tested annually for harmful substances by the Hohenstein Institute according to the extensive catalogue of criteria of Oeko-Tex Standard 100. You can be sure of the gloves' compatibility for users and the environment.
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Quality and user comfort

The optimal fit and the soft, elastic coating are convincing in everyday life and at work. The gloves are CE-tested by notified test centres according to standard EN388. THINKGREEN gloves are characterised by high abrasion resistance.
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Abrasion resistance (1-4)
Cut resistance (1-5)
Tear resistance (1-4)
Puncture resistance (1-4)
Cut resistance (A-F)