The most important standards for Personal Protective Equipment


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) categories:

Simple personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect against minimal hazards
For example superficial mechanical injuries.
Conformity assessment: Internal production control (module A)
PPE for protection against medium risks:
Protection against hazards not covered by categories I and III
Conformity assessment: EU type examination (module B) by notified body.
Complex PPE to protect against lethal hazards and irreversible damage to health
For example, contamination, chemical exposure, ionising radiation, construction sites, protection against infection (viruses, bacteria, fungi, corona, etc.).
Conformity assessment:
  • EU type examination, internal production control with supervised product tests
    (module C2)
  • EU type examination, production quality assurance
    (module D)

EN ISO 21420:2020
Basic requirements for gloves

EN ISO 18889
Protective gloves for users of plant protection products
Pikto für Schutzkleidung Norm EN 32781
EN 407
Protection against thermal risks (heat and fire)
EN 407:2020 Schutz gegen thermische Risiken (Hitze und Feuer) Normen Logo
EN ISO 11393-4:2020
Protective clothing for the use of hand-held chainsaws
EN ISO 11393-4:2020 Schutzbekleidung für die Benutzung handgeführter Kettensägen Normen Logo
EN ISO 374-1
Protection against chemical contamination
Pikto für Schutzkleidung Norm EN 13034
EN ISO 374-5
Microbiological contamination
EN ISO 374-5:2016 Mikrobiologische Kontamination Normen Logo
EN 511
Cold protection
EN 511:2006 Kälteschutz Normen Logo

All details, classifications and pictograms are recommendations only. In every case, the relevant safety requirements set down by the legislator or his appointed offices must be observed for the workplace in question. A risk assessment must be carried out!
Performance Levels
EN 388:2016+A1:2018
Mechanical hazards
EN 388:2016+A1:2018 Mechanische Gefahren Normen Logo

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