Product documentation

Declaration of conformity

 Product nameItem no.Link
 IPCam 2.0 HD10810
 IPCam 360° HD10811
 IPCam 360 FHD mini10825
 IPCam 360 FHD with opt. zoom10809
 SmartCam HD10812
 StableCam and Trailer Set 2,4 GHz1085
 Trailer Camera Set 2,4 GHz with 7,0" Monitor322084
 Trailer Camera Set digital 2,4 GHz, 7,0'' Monitor322069
 Safety vest ProtectoFlex 315 light children322246, 322247, 322248, 322249
 Safety vest Protecto light children325445, 325446, 325447, 325448
 Safety vest ProtectoFlex 315 light adult322276, 322277, 322278, 322279
 MooCall Calving Alarm10500
 AKO Duo Power X6000 smart372876
 AKO Duo Power X8000 smart372879
 AKO Select DUO SMART X5000360425
 AKO SunPower S2400 Smart372953
 Rutland ESD 12000 SMART481979
 Agraro Duo Smart369500-CH
 Product nameItem no.Link
 Riding Helmet Nerron32298
 Riding Helmet Nerron32299
 Riding Helmet Carbonic32720
 Riding Helmet Carbonic32721
 Riding Helmet Carbonic32722
 Riding Helmet Econimo VG1328254
 Riding Helmet Econimo VG1328255
 Riding Helmet Econimo VG1328256
 Riding Helmet Beauty VG13210245
 Riding Helmet Beauty VG13210246
 Riding Helmet Beauty VG1238250
 Riding Helmet Beauty VG1328251
 Riding Helmet Covalliero Proviso322325/322326
 Product nameItem no.Link
 Safety Goggles Viper (DE, EN)345120
 Lunettes de protection Viper / Safety Goggles Viper (FR, NL)345120