Protect your hands!

The hand contains 26 bones, 4 main nerves, 10 muscles and 12 main blood vessels. Their versatility is correspondingly almost unlimited: holding, pulling, gripping, turning, feeling and more…

876,576 accidents at work were recorded in Germany in 2016, nearly 40% of them involved hands (source: statutory German accident insurance). The construction and agriculture sectors give the most cause for concern.

Gloves are personal protective equipment (PPE) and are covered by directive (EU) 2016/425, whereby EU law applies immediately and consistently in all EU countries. PPE is further divided into three categories, which aid users in selecting the correct item for their purpose.
Bild zeigt die Knochen einer Hand

Area of application is made clear in explanatory diagram:
Explanatory diagram for area of application for work gloves
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Bild SB-Hänger für Arbeitshandschuhe

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) categories:

Minimum risks, no EU type examination required. Gloves meet the general requirements of EU Directive 2016/425 and must meet basic requirements (EN ISO 21420).

Moderate mechanical risks; EU type examination as per EN388 is required at gloves.


Irreversible or fatal risks; EU type examination and factory audit are required by a notified body.