Tape Premium Plus

AKO Premium Plus tapes guarantee maximum robustness and durability.

The particularly strong monofilament fibres and the expanded diameters of our TriCOND™ conductor material fulfil the highest requirements when it comes to breaking load and conductivity.

Ref. no.LengthWidthColourmax. recommended fence lengthResistanceNumber of conductorsTriCond ConductorBreak loadPU
449123200 m20 mmbrown / orange11 km0.183 Ω/m50,4 mm190 kg1/6
449124200 m20 mmwhite / green11 km0.183 Ω/m50,4 mm190 kg1/6
449122200 m40 mmbrown / orange22 km0.09 Ω/m100,4 mm350 kg1/4
449125200 m40 mmwhite / green22 km0.09 Ω/m100,4 mm350 kg1/4