Tape TopLine Plus

AKO TopLine PLUS Tapes guarantee excellent conductivity and longevity for medium to long fences.

In contrast to rust-proof wire, the tapes, poly wires and ropes offered by the TopLine PLUS range are equipped with our new TriCOND conducting material, boasting 5 x higher conductibility. In other words, you can use 5 x longer fences or 'transport' 5 x more power to areas in contact with animals = 5 x more security

TriCOND conductor wires have been extensively tested over the last few years and have shown to have a long lifetime. The low resistance of TriCOND wires and the associated high tending safety result in an excellent price / performance ratio. A comparison is worthwhile (resistance in ohm/metre in relation to the price).

Ref. no.LengthWidthColourmax. recommended fence lengthResistanceNumber of conductorsTriCond ConductorBreak loadPU
4491504200 m10 mmwhite / red4 km0.467 Ω/m40,3 mm90 kg1/12
449568200 m10 mmyellow / orange4 km0.467 Ω/m40,3 mm90 kg1/12
4491505500 m10 mmwhite / red4 km0.467 Ω/m40,3 mm90 kg1/6
449566200 m10 mmorange5 km0.374 Ω/m50,3 mm90 kg1/12
449550400 m20 mmwhite / red5 km0.374 Ω/m50,3 mm120 kg1/6
449569200 m10 mmblue5 km0.374 Ω/m50,3 mm90 kg1/12
449551200 m20 mmwhite / red5 km0.374 Ω/m50,3 mm120 kg1/12
449567200 m10 mmyellow5 km0.374 Ω/m50,3 mm90 kg1/12
449554200 m40 mmwhite / red10 km0.187 Ω/m100,3 mm230 kg1/6
449563200 m20 mmyellow / orange5 km0.374 Ω/m50,3 mm120 kg1/12
449570200 m20 mmblue6 km0.311 Ω/m60,3 mm120 kg1/12
449109200 m40 mmgreen10 km0.187 Ω/m100,3 mm230 kg1/6
449108200 m20 mmgreen5 km0.374 Ω/m50,3 mm120 kg1/12
449553200 m40 mmbrown10 km0.187 Ω/m100,3 mm230 kg1/6