Tape PremiumLine

AKO PremiumLine tapes guarantee the highest conductivity and best tending safety, even on very long runs of fence.

The use of thick tin-plated copper conductors means that conductivity is 40 x higher than that achieved by traditional conductor materials.

We generally recommend the use of stainless steel accessories (connectors, fittings, gate handles)

Ref. no.LengthWidthColourmax. recommended fence lengthResistanceNumber of conductorsStainless Steel LadderTin-plated copper conductorBreak loadPU
441533200 m12.5 mmwhite / green7.5 km0.25 Ω/m53 x 0,2 mm2 x 0,2 mm80 kg1/12
441534200 m20 mmwhite / green11.5 km0.17 Ω/m63 x 0,2 mm3 x 0,2 mm180 kg1/6
441535200 m38 mmwhite / green15 km0.13 Ω/m106 x 0,2 mm4 x 0,2 mm270 kg1/6