News 2020

Aesculap Schermaschinen

Foundation of Aesculap Schermaschinen GmbH

Albert Kerbl GmbH takes over shearing machine business from Aesculap Suhl GmbH.
"We have built up a close partnership over the last few years and developed the shearing machine business very positively. Now we want to combine our strengths and further develop the business unit and the Suhl location. Aesculap Schermaschinen GmbH will continue to shape the "shearing and hair cutting machines for small and large animals" business area from Suhl," says Albert Kerbl, Managing Director of Albert Kerbl GmbH.

Kerbl übernimmt Rutland und gründet Kerbl UK Ltd.

Foundation Kerbl UK. Ltd.

The newly founded Kerbl UK Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Albert Kerbl GmbH, has taken over the business of Rutland Electric Fencing as of 01.01.2020. Rutland Electric Fencing has been one of the market leaders for pasture fencing technology in the UK for 45 years.