Chicken Diary Part 4: The Perfect Hen House

We are really excited about our new chicken coop! The construction was done quickly - only for the automatic chicken door you should plan a little more time. We placed the chicken coop on a concrete slab - so it is better protected from moisture and dirt. The chickens will certainly feel at home here. The coop now offers about 1.5 square metres of space with the laying nest. Since the chickens are only in the coop overnight to sleep, the space is completely sufficient.
At the moment we are still thinking about which bedding to use. Straw, shavings, sand? We will probably test everything and see what our chickens prefer.

We have already set up our poultry net. We decided on a 50-metre net - so our chickens have plenty of room to run around. The bushes in the background are ideal as a place of retreat and shade for the chickens. Here they are also better protected from birds of prey. We have also planned to build a small dung heap for the chickens. Chickens love to scratch in the dung and look for worms, bugs and snails.

Chicken Diary Part 5: The Right Accessories

We have bought feeders and waterers in different sizes. The small version goes into the stable, the large one stays outside in the meadow. The feet have the advantage that much less dirt can get into the drinkers and feeders.  In their natural habitat, chickens feed on grass, grains, worms and insects.
Domestic chickens cannot provide themselves with enough of this feed in their free range, so they have to be fed additionally. Ideally, the chickens are fed in the morning and evening - but modern feeders and drinkers can also provide the animals with water and feed for several days.

The basis of their diet should be grain feed, ideally a mixture of wheat, maize, oats, barley and rye. In addition, cooked potatoes, rice or pasta can be fed. Fruit and vegetables should also be provided to the chickens on a regular basis. We are curious to see which feed our chickens will like best!

Chicken Diary Part 6: Our chickens are here!

This morning was the day: We picked up our chickens! On the breeder's recommendation, we decided on three bantams and two silk hens. The chickens already know each other, so hopefully the acclimatisation phase will be less stressful for the animals. The chickens are still quite young, they will only start laying in a few weeks.
Frau mit Huhn
We just carefully put the chickens in the coop today and now leave them alone. Even though the journey was not far, it is still stressful for the animals. The chickens should spend the first day in the coop to get used to it. Tomorrow morning, our chickens will go out to the meadow for the first time.