Chicken Diary Part 1: Project Kerbl Chickens

Eggs from your own chickens? We want that too! That's why we are starting our own chicken project: the Kerbl chickens! On our way to the chicken coop and our own eggs, everything will be documented by us.
Hände mit 4 Hühnereiern
We will also update you regularly in our chicken diary! We have a lot planned for the next few days: We will choose a chicken coop, fence and accessories, do a lot of research on which chicken breed is suitable for beginners and build the chicken home. We will keep you up to date.

Chicken Diary Part 2: Spoilt for choice!

We are in the process of choosing a chicken coop, fence and accessories. There is a wide range of chicken coops to choose from, but we already have a favourite in mind. We want to get 4-5 smaller chickens. The coop should already have an integrated laying nest and not be too big. The automatic chicken door can easily be built into the small animal hutch for chickens. That sounds really practical.
Bildschirm mit Kerbl Katalog
As far as the search for chickens is concerned, we have already made progress: There is a breeder nearby who offers different chicken breeds. We have already received some tips from you about which breeds are suitable for beginners. We really like silk chickens. They are supposed to be very social and trusting. However, we will inform ourselves further, as the decision should be well thought out. Our chicken coop with accessories will be delivered in a few days. Then it will be time to assemble it. We are already looking forward to the new inhabitants!

Chicken Diary Part 3: The chicken coop is here!

Today our chicken coop including accessories was delivered!
Tomorrow we'll start setting it up. I'm particularly excited about the automatic chicken door - the timer can be programmed so that the chickens can go outside at sunrise and back into the coop at sunset. This is really practical! The fence is inserted into the ground with the double spike and then tensioned with support stakes.
kerbl LKW
In the last few days we have been reading a lot about keeping chickens and getting ideas. Did you know that there are more than 200 different chicken breeds? Generally, a distinction is made between laying chickens and meat chickens. Araucana chickens, Sussex chickens and silkie chickens are particularly popular among hobby farmers. Information on chicken breeds can be found on various websites, in reference books or on my personal favourite: Youtube. Here you can find interesting videos on the individual chicken breeds, which can make it much easier to decide which chicken breed is suitable. I find bantams fascinating: despite their small size, bantams lay up to 180 eggs a year and the eggs are not that much smaller than those of the larger chicken breeds. Another advantage of the bantams is the space they require - both the coop and the outdoor area do not have to be as large as with other chicken breeds. Ideal for all hobby farmers who want to keep their own chickens in the garden.