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Calf rearing & dairy farming

Everything from Kerbl from the first breath to high lifetime performance.

A dairy herd with high quality and vitality is an incentive for every dairy farmer. With conscientious calf rearing, you lay the foundation for healthy and productive animals in your herd. Impairments during the rearing phase cannot be made up for in the later dairy cow. 

Even before the cow is laid, a lot of brainpower is invested to ensure the health and vitality of the newborn calf. In the end, the aim is to have a high-performing and long-lived animal in the barn. In order for the calf to fully develop its genetic potential, it should be supported and cared for in the best possible way from the very beginning. Raising calves is a complex task that requires expertise and dedication. That's why here at Kerbl you can find out interesting facts about calf rearing and dairy farming and our solutions. 

Our range offers all the products you need to successfully rear your calves and m anage your dairy herd . Learn more about dairy farming, calf rearing and much more in the individual sections.