Vitality after calving
Cows need water, energy and other important supplements as soon as possible after calving to prevent abomasal displacement and metabolic problems.

The reduction in size of the uterus after birth increases the risk of abomasal displacement and can be reduced by a high water intake immediately after calving. Animals often take in 20 to 80 litres of water voluntarily, spontaneously after calving. Hand-warm water is preferred to cold water.

Not only water intake, but also a supply of energy and important vitamins and trace elements is enormously important for freshly calved cows for a quick regeneration and a safe start into lactation. Since the animals need a lot of energy and other important substances with the onset of lactation, the water intake should be used to supply the animals with electrolytes, trace elements and important vitamins at the same time - a calving drink is an optimal and simple solution for this.

What are the advantages of a calving drink?

  • Promotes voluntary water intake directly after calving
  • Rapid energy supply
  • Supply of electrolytes to compensate for losses during birth
  • Vitamins and trace elements strengthen the defences and support the metabolism
  • Can reduce the risk of abomasal displacement and metabolic problems

Increase the vitality of your dairy cows after calving:
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