This way your dog will not be overlooked in the darkness

Make a guaranteed eye-catcher in the dark season. With the matching light products from Kerbl Pet, you can protect your dog from being overlooked on an evening walk.
Leuchtende und reflektierende Hunde-Halsbänder
Luminous dog collars for more protection in the dark
If you want safety combined with style, then the Shiny Night series is just the right thing for you. Due to its luminescent imprint, this series absorbs the light and then reflects is back in the darkness (florescent). This guarantees good visibility.
Reflektierende Leinen und Geschirre für Sicherheit im Dunkeln für den Hund
Guaranteed eye-catcher with reflective dog leashes
Maxi Safe leashes are available as 1 or 2 metre leashes and slip leashes. The reflective Multicolour series also offers very good visibility. Depending on the angle of incidence of the light source, the braid glows in different colours. It is also very comfortable to wear.
Blinkende Anhänger für Sicherheit im Dunkeln für den Hund
Eye-catching flashing lights no one overlooks
Flash Lights are well-suited for short walks because they are easy to attach. To provide your animal with all-round protection, it should also be equipped with additional safety accessories such as a harness, leash, collar, vest, etc. along with the Flash Light.
Leuchtende LED-Produkte für Sicherheit im Dunkeln für den Hund
With these LED products your dog is highly visible
The LED Maxi-Safe light collars offer optimum protection for your dog and can easily be individually adjusted to the neck circumference of your pet. The Light & Reflex series from Kerbl Pet offers you and your dog safety during walks. Light duration up to 5 hours. Adjustable to flashing light or continuous light. Visible up to 500 m. Recharges within a few hours.
Flexi-Leinen für einen sicheren Spaziergang mit dem Hund
Flexi Roll leashes give your dog more room to manoeuvre
While the flexi "New Comfort" and flexi "New Classic" dog leashes can be equipped with a forward- and backward-facing, multi-level LED Lightning System, the flexi "Neon" dog leashes with a highly reflective sticker and neon-coloured components can be recognised from a distance even during the day. For more dog freedom on the leash.
Sicherer Spaziergang mit dem Hund
Give your dog more security on the walk
The right equipment is important. Just as important is the right understanding of a dog's natural behaviour. Here you will find useful tips and advice to help you understand your dog better and give him more confidence. This strengthens the bond between human and animal. For safe and varied walks with your faithful companion.