Water Bowl Heatable Isobac

  • Installation on concrete base
  • Container with double side walls
  • Lower part is completely heat insulated
  • 2-piece polyethylene bowl for 2 animals
  • with constant water level: 34 l/min at 4 bar
  • low water level and high flow rate: this is how to prevent organic residue from settling at the bottom of the bowl and bacteria cultures from growing and causing mastitis and diarrhoea in calves
  • Outflow optional downwards (waste water pipe) or to the front
  • ideal for 30 dairy cows
  • to be operated with transformer (not included)
  • with indicator light
  • Heating 100 Watt ( 2 x 50 Watt)

frost-protected down to approx. -20 °C

Ref. no.ColourHeating outputVoltageWater connectionPUPallet
22343green100 W24 V DC1/2"18 PAL
Technical dataDimensions (W x D x H)Connection optionFlow rateWeight
2234396 x 45 x 42 cmfrom below4 bar34 L/min10.5 kg