• drinking bowl made from high-quality plastic (PP) with integrated heating cable
  • heating cable easy to replace
  • integrated frost protection thermostat (switch-on temperature approx. +3 °C, switch-off temperature approx. +13 °C)
  • controllable water flow rate (up to 11 litres/minute)
  • suitable for circulating heating systems
  • with outlet plug for easy cleaning

222040 and 222045: Heating cable (approx. 31 W) for heating the drinking bowl and valve

222050 and 222055: Heating cable (approx. 73 W) for heating the drinking bowl, valve and up to 2 metres of pipeline (auxiliary pipe heating)

a transformer is required for the 24 volt version (not included)

frost-protected down to approx. -25 °C

  • for wall and pipe mounting
Ref. no.ColourPipe HeatingHeating outputVoltageWater connectionCapacityPUPallet
222040greenwithout pipe heating31 W230 VG 1/2"2,8 L160 PAL
222050greenwith auxiliary pipe heating73 W230 VG 1/2"2,8 L160 PAL
222045greenwithout pipe heating31 W24 VG 1/2"2,8 L160 PAL
222055greenwith auxiliary pipe heating73 W24 VG 1/2"2,8 L160 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialPU
221971Guard Size 2metal hot-dip galvanised1/4
221975Protection against chewing for pipelinesSheet metal galvanic zinc-plated1
222019Pipe Mounting Brackets, in pairsmetal powder-coated1
Technical dataConnection optionFlow rateWeight
222040from above or below3 bar10 L/min2 kg
222050from above or below3 bar10 L/min2 kg
222045from above or below3 bar10 L/min2 kg
222055from above or below3 bar10 L/min2 kg