tailpainter Applicator

  • Applicator for the time-saving and reliable application of heat detection paint on cows
  • Telescopic pole ensures sufficient distance from the animal and reduces the risk of injury
  • ergonomic D-handle on the shaft for a secure, firm grip and precise application
  • makes it easier to apply the colour from behind in the milking parlour or at the feed table
  • an included extension pole (30 cm) can be mounted at any angle if required
  • by turning the applicator head by 90°, the paint can also be applied from the side (e.g. in the race)
  • integrated 1-litre paint tank, sufficient for up to 120 cows
  • special paint roller for even and economical application of the marking paint (30 % less consumption than with conventional marking methods)
  • easy changing of the applicator head and paint tank when changing colours
  • suitable for the heat detection paint Daisy Paint, the 750 ml bottle can be screwed onto the telescopic pole instead of the paint tank
Ref. no.DescriptionPU
20716incl. 1 x paint tank, 1 x applicator head incl. roller1/61/6
20717incl. 2 x paint tanks, 2 x applicator heads incl. rollers1/61/6
Ref. no.DescriptionCapacityMOQPieces / unitPU
20718Paint tank1 L  1/9
20719Applicator head with roller   1/10
20720Paint roller 1 pack3 / pack1/15