Heat detection paint with brush Daisy Paint

  • water-based marking paint for efficient and cost-effective heat detection of cows
  • increases insemination success, reduces the number of non-bearing animals and lowers reproduction costs
  • the colour applied to the base of the tail is rubbed off by mutual mounting and makes animals in heat easily recognisable
  • using a colour scheme, the animals can be identified differently depending on the cycle
  • the patent-pending Daisy Brush enables a 5-cm-wide strip of colour to be applied to the base of the tail in just one stroke
  • the curved brush with flexible bristles adapts perfectly to the shape of the tail and applies the colour evenly and economically at the same time
  • Paint savings of up to 30 % compared to other marking methods
  • significantly better visibility than with conventional marking pens and sprays
  • available in four bright colours: red, blue, green and orange
  • contains bitter substance

Recommendations for use:

Six weeks before you start inseminating, mark the whole herd with the 1st colour (red).

Worn-off dye indicates that the animal is in heat. Animals in heat are marked until the start of insemination with the second colour (blue).

Inseminations can begin after six weeks. Animals still marked in red that do not have a cycle should be examined by a vet and treated if necessary.

All inseminated animals are marked with the third colour (green).

Animals that are inseminated repeatedly are marked with the 4th colour (orange).

Ref. no.ColourContentsPU
20700red750 ml / Bottle1/12
20701blue750 ml / Bottle1/12
20702green750 ml / Bottle1/12
20703orange750 ml / Bottle1/12