• highly-elastic, self-adhesive bandage
  • very hard to tear lengthwise, but easy to tear laterally
  • does not stick to hair or to itself
  • easy to put on, even on the most difficult places
  • Year-round bandage for support and other dressings.
Ref. no.ColourLengthWidthPU
1685red450 cm5 cm1/12/288
1687red450 cm7.5 cm1/12/192
1694red450 cm10 cm1/12/144
1683blue450 cm5 cm1/12/288
1688blue450 cm7.5 cm1/12/192
1695blue450 cm10 cm1/12/144
1686black450 cm5 cm1/12/288
1689black450 cm7.5 cm1/12/192
1697black450 cm10 cm1/12/144
16551violet450 cm5 cm1/12/288
16553violet450 cm7.5 cm1/12/192
16555violet450 cm10 cm1/12/144
16550green450 cm5 cm1/12/288
16552green450 cm7.5 cm1/12/192
16554green450 cm10 cm1/12/144
1684white450 cm5 cm1/12/288
1690white450 cm7.5 cm1/12/192
1692white450 cm10 cm1/12/144