Specially for claw care and for self-adhesive bandages developed for veterinary use!

VetLastic is characterised by a thick fabric with an enhanced latex coating, thus providing extra adhesive power! Despite the compact material thickness, Vetlastic can be easily torn laterally!

  • medium-elastic, self-adhesive bandage
  • very hard to tear lengthwise, but easy to tear laterally
  • does not stick to hair or to itself
  • modern latex-reinforced high-tech synthetic material
  • easy to put on, even on the most difficult places

Especially recommend for winter due to enhanced latex coating!

Recommended by hoof care professionals!

This product was specially developed to treat large animals and is only for use in veterinary medicine/hoof and claw care.

Ref. no.ColourLengthWidthPU
1663light green450 cm7.5 cm1/24/144
1664light green450 cm10 cm1/18/108
1675red450 cm7.5 cm1/24/144
1676red450 cm10 cm1/18/108
1667blue450 cm7.5 cm1/24/144
1668blue450 cm10 cm1/18/108
1672black450 cm7.5 cm1/24/144
1673black450 cm10 cm1/18/108