Calving Drink for Cows
  • concentrate to make a strengthening drink for cows that recently calved
  • contains electrolytes, vitamins, organically bound trace elements and energy sources that are very important for cows at this stage
  • the excellent aroma increases the voluntary intake of water right after calving and can thus prevent abomasal displacement among other things
  • time-saving application and easy dosing
  • great for supplementing with Calz-o-Phos Liquid (milk fever prevention)

Feeding recommendation:

Pour the contents of one bottle (200 ml) into a bucket and dilute with 20-30 litres of tepid water and present to the cow directly after calving.

Supplementary feed (for dairy cows) for the short-term administration of extra vitamins and trace elements

  • no artificial flavours
Ref. no.ContentsPU
15760200 ml / Bottle1/12