Calz-o-Phos Liquid

For reducing the risk of clinical and subclinical milk fever (parturient paresis)
  • for preventing calcium and phosphorus deficiency due to the very high levels of available calcium and phosphorus (59 g / 45 g per bottle)
  • protects the mucous membranes – without caustic calcium chloride
  • easy and stress-free applications:
  • 1. Directly into the mouth using a bottle.
  • 2. Mix Calz-o-Phos with concentrated feed.
  • 3. In combination with a strengthening drink after calving.

Feeding recommendation:

1st bottle (500 ml) approx. 24 hours prior to calving and 2nd bottle (500 ml) immediately after calving.

If required: 3rd bottle (500 ml) 12 hours after calving and, if necessary, 4th bottle (500 ml) 24 hours after calving.

To increase calcium and phosphorus in the feed ration after veterinary calcium infusion: 1st bottle (500 ml) 8-12 hours after the infusion and the 2nd bottle (500 ml) 24 hours after the infusion.

Dietary mineral feed for milk cows to lower the risk of milk fever.

High calcium content in the form of readily available calcium salts.

Ref. no.ContentsMOQPieces / unitPU
15974500 ml / Bottle1 pack4 / pack1/5
159755000 ml / Canister1