Hoof Care Walkease

For rapid intervention in case of hoof problems

The novel combination of EVA hoof block and secondary adhesive makes hoof care very easy

  • extremely quick - the hoof can take weight again after 10 seconds
  • extremely economical - small amounts of gluten are enough for a secure grip
  • extremely comfortable - no mixing of liquids and powders
  • extremely easy - work the cleaned hoof with a special hoof rasp - glue to block - press for about 10 seconds, and you're done!

The hoof block is available in 4 sizes, special material absorbs the hoof impact and enables uniform wear.

The special angled ‘Wedgy’ block (16488) is modelled on the latest findings on hoof rest positions to protect tendons and ligaments and to allow correct wear, especially on rough ground.

Important: The cleaned hoof must be properly prepared with the Shoof hoof rasp to produce perfect adhesion! The hoof and hoof block must be clean and dry!

Ref. no.ColourSizeApplicationsPU
16481yellowM10-pce mix1/12
16482blueL10-pce mix1/12
16489mixedS / M / L10-pce mix1/12
Ref. no.DescriptionPU
16483Hoof Block Walkease1/10
16484Hoof Block Walkease1/10
16485Hoof Block Walkease1/10
16486Adhesive Walkease1/10/120
16488Hoof Block Walkease “Wedgy”, angled large1/10
16487Rasp Walkease1/50
Included in delivery:

10 x hoof blocks

1 x adhesive (10 x 2 ml)

1 x rasp

1 x disposable gloves

1 x instruction manual and DVD