Cattle Brush HAPPYCOW Duo

Through the extensive brushing, cleaning and massaging of the head, neck, back, torso and flank, the skin is better supplied with blood and the metabolism is stimulated.

The 2-brush machine allows simultaneous cleaning of the flanks and the back.

  • the cow cleaning machine is automatically activated by the animals slightly raising the brush
  • high-quality bristles ensure a long service life
  • optimised brushes ensure that animals are happy to use them
  • permanent lubrication over the gears' entire service life
  • intelligent electronics for fault-free and low-maintenance operation
  • control with clearly visible display to indicate the operating status
  • variable setting options for brush running time (10 - 300 s)
  • the changing direction of the brush after ever activation ensures even wear of the brushes
  • the torque safety shutdown stops the brush when it encounters too much resistance, ensuring safety in the barn
  • plug ready for connection to 230 V socket
  • all steel parts are hot dip galvanised

a quality product developed and produced by Kerbl

Ref. no.ColourWidthDepthHeightPUPallet
18820red / blue40 cm105 cm115 cm12 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialsuitable forPUPalette
18821Spare Brush horizontalPolyamideHAPPYCOW Duo, Kerbl; Schurr; Krazzmaxx124 PAL
18822Spare Brush verticalPolyamideHAPPYCOW Duo, Kerbl; Krazzmaxx136 PAL
18824Spare Brush verticalPolyamideSchurr (> 2008)136 PAL

Technical dataPowerWeightProtection classBristle material
18820370 W150 kgIP54550 mm650 mmPolyamide

Preview imageItem. No.Description18820
Spare horizontal brush for18821Spare horizontal brush forx
Spare vertical brush for18822Spare vertical brush forx
 18753-1Eyelet hook for 18753x
 18810-1sliding block topx
 18810-10Cable screw M20x1.5x
 18810-12Flange bearing EFOM 20x
 18810-13Pinch protection brush vert.x
 18810-14Horizontal shaftx
 18810-15Vertical shaftx
 18810-16Vertical stockist shaftx
 18810-18Stop 1 for stopperx
 18810-19Rubber buffer 40x32x
 18810-20Guard plate sidex
 18810-21Sensor mount for 18810x
 18810-22Contact banner for 18810x
 18810-24Adjusting plate for stop 1x
 18810-25Rubber buffer 40x15x
 18810-26Axle wheel for 18810,x
 18810-27Top guide pinsx
 18810-4Guard plate for carriagex
 18810-5Washer brushx
 18810-6Roll, polyamide, whitex
 18810-8Lower plastic sliding platex
 18810-9Rubber side protectionx
 18811Motor/gearbox unit forx
 18811-1shaft coupling Ø25mmx
 18811-2shaft coupling Ø40mmx
 18811-3ventilation screw 3/8"x
 18811-5Motor Pinion f. Item no. 18811x
 18812-14PCB Cablex
 18812-2Capacitor, 20µFx
 18812-3Position sensor + cablex
 18812-4Motor cablex
 18812-5230V-cable, 3mx
 18812-6Control housing with cover andx
 18816-1electric board for 18816 Happyx
 18816-REPreplacement control for 18820x
 6270Washer - DIN9021 - A10.5 - A2x
 6285Polyamide counter nutx
 6400Spring ring - DIN127 - A6 -x
 6401Hexagon bolt - DIN933 -x
 6402Spring ring - DIN127 - A10 -x
 6403Hexagon nut - ISO4032x
 6404Hexagon bolt - DIN933 -x
 6405Washer - DIN9021 - A6.4x
 6408Spring ring - DIN127 - A8 -x
 6409Hexagon nut - DIN439 -x
 6410Locking ring - DIN471 -x
 6411Locking ring - DIN471 -x
 6412Hexagon bolt - DIN931 -x
 6413Hexagon bolt - DIN933x
 6414Spring ring - DIN127 - A12 -x
 6415Hexagon nut - DIN934 -x
 6416Ball bearing - DIN6319 - C8.4x
 6417Hexagon bolt - DIN933x
 6418Hexagon wood screw - DIN571x
 6419Shim - DIN988 - A32 -x
 6420Shim - DIN988 - A32 -x
 6421Shim - DIN988 - A32 -x
 6422Washer - DIN9021 - A13x
 6428Washer DIN125-A8x
 6438Hexagon bolt - DIN933 -x
 6453Pipe Clamp RSGU 1.8/15IK-x
 6456Protective hose, blackx
 6457Hexagon Bolt - DIN 931x
 187022Microfuse 6,3x32mm, F 6,3Ax
 18720Clip Connector Angles, 9-polex
 18753Mainspring 4.5 x 40 x 380 withx
 18811-6Spare Motor Lid for 18811x