Snails cross the fence tape despite the power supply being connected. What could be the cause?
  • 1. The battery is empty. If the battery voltage is low, the battery status indicator flashes red when the test button is pressed. If the battery is empty, it lights up red permanently.
    → Change the battery.

  • 2. The aluminium strip of the fence tape is damaged.
    → Check the two contact strips over the entire length of the fence tape for any damage.

  • 3. The fence connection contact is faulty.
    → Remove the contact clip and check the contacts and the fence tape for any dirt. Replace the contact clip and press it firmly into place. Check the function at several points according to the description in the operating instructions.

  • 4. The fence tape is longer than 30m. A maximum of 30m of fence tape may be operated with one power unit.
    → Shorten the fence tape to a maximum of 30 metres.

  • 5. The fence tape is heavily soiled with slug slime. In case of heavy snail infestation, slime can be deposited on the fence tape. This can affect the function of the fence and, in high concentrations, has a negative effect on the battery life.
    → Only remove the softened slime in wet weather with a wet sponge or cloth. Never scrape off dried slime as this may damage the metallic conductor of the fence tape.

  • 6. Overgrowth (grass, leaves...) can form electrical bridges and negatively influence the function. In this case, the fence status LED flashes red when the test button is pressed. In addition, parts of plants can be used by the snails as "ladders" to overcome the fence.
    → Cut back any overgrowth regularly.
I don't have a raised bed. Can I still use SnailStop?

Of course you can! You can also stick the fence tape near the ground on a bed border or you can make a simple wooden frame around your vegetables on which you stick the fence tape.

How long does the battery last?

Thanks to the innovative pulse control, the battery lasts an entire snail season!

Can I extend the fence tape?

Sure! You can extend the fence flexibly. All you need is an additional roll of fence tape (10 m or 20 m) and a fence tape connector.

What is the maximum length of the fence?

With one generator you can protect up to 30 m of fence.

Will I get an electric shock? Is it dangerous for my child or my pet?

No! Thanks to the low-voltage concept with 9V, touching is absolutely harmless.

Does SnailStop kill the snails?

No! The snails only feel a slight tingling sensation that makes them turn around.

I have several raised beds. Do I need a set for each raised bed?

No! Thanks to the bed connector you can connect several raised beds and only need one generator.

Do the two ends of the fence tape have to touch? (closed circle)

No! You do not have to create a closed circuit with the fence tape.

Do I have to put on a new fence tape every year?

No! The fence tape sticks permanently and reliably to almost all surfaces and can be used for several years.

What do I do with SnailStop in winter?

We recommend removing the unit after the season and storing it in a dry and frost-free place. The fence tape remains stuck!

Do I have to attach the fence connection clip to both ends of the fence tape?

No! You can freely choose the position of the fence connection clip.

The 10m fence tape in the starter set is not enough for me. Do I have to buy a second set now?

No! The fence tape is available separately in 10 m and 20 m as an accessory.

I have damaged the fence tape. Do I have to redo everything?

No! You can repair damaged areas with the fence tape connector.


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