Heat detection colour: An indispensable tool for farmers to increase efficiency in cattle breeding

Welcome to our landing page, where we introduce the revolutionary method of heat detection for grazing cattle - Daisy Paint heat detection paint from tailpainter. In modern farming, it is essential to find innovative solutions that not only increase efficiency but also support animal welfare.

This is precisely where Daisy Paint comes in, a product that has already enjoyed great success in seasonal grazing and calving in countries such as England, Ireland and New Zealand.

Ein Landwirt markiert Rinder im Stall mit Brunsterkennungsfarbe
Applying the colour with the tailpainter applicator
Farmers in other countries are now also recognising the invaluable benefits of this method.
Heat detection is a critical factor for success in cattle breeding. It enables farmers to determine the optimum time for insemination and thus improve fertility rates. This not only leads to more efficient herd management practices, but also to an increase in farm profitability. According to dairy experts, a missed heat can cost a farmer up to €250.

Farms without electronic heat detection and grazing farms have the challenge of recognising the heat status of the animals accurately and in good time. This is where Daisy Paint heat detection colours come in.

Daisy Paint is a specially developed, water-based paint that is applied directly to the cow's tail to visually mark different stages of oestrus. This simple but effective system uses four colours to clearly and unambiguously indicate oestrus status:
  • Red: Signals that the cow is not currently showing an oestrus cycle.
  • Blue: Indicates that the cow was in heat and is now waiting for insemination.
  • Green: Confirms that the cow has been inseminated.
  • Orange: Indicates cows that have been inseminated a second time.
The colour coding enables the farmer to monitor the progress of each cow's reproductive cycle at a glance. Of course, the colour code can be individually adapted to each farmer's farm. 

It greatly simplifies herd management and minimises the risk of missing the optimum time for insemination. Animals without a heat cycle are reliably recognised and can be treated in good time if necessary. With the visual support that Daisy Paint provides, farmers can make quick and informed decisions that ultimately increase the productivity and profitability of their business. 

The use of Daisy Paint heat detection colours is cost-effective and requires no technical equipment in the barn or on the pasture.
Introducing Daisy Paint to your farm is a step towards more precise, effective herd management. Farmers already using this system report a significant improvement in fertility rates and a simplification of the day-to-day management of their cattle. Take the next step in modern cattle breeding and discover how Daisy Paint from tailpainter can revolutionise your pasture management.

Heat detection colour Daisy Paint

Discover our efficient and cost-effective solution that helps you to optimally monitor the oestrus behaviour of your cows and thus significantly increase insemination success. We have developed a marking colour especially for you that works perfectly with Tailpainter applicator and Daisy Brush.

Our water-based marking paint is non-toxic and contains a bittering agent to ensure safe application. The bittering agent prevents the animals from licking the colour off each other and distorting the results.

The colour applied to the base of the tail is rubbed off when the animals jump on each other during heat, making it very easy to recognise animals in heat.

The Daisy Paint colours are available in different container units and in the four bright colours red, green, blue and orange. The exceptional visibility of the colours allows you to mark your cows individually according to their cycle and easily distinguish them.

Simplify oestrus monitoring and take your herd's fertility management to the next level.
Daisy Paint Brunsterkennungsfarbe in den Farben Blau, Rot, Grün und Orange in Flaschen und Kanistern

Heat detection paint with brush Daisy Paint

Available in four bright colours, this paint not only impresses with its radiant luminosity, but also with its ease of application thanks to the patented Daisy Brush. This innovative brush, equipped with a specially shaped application brush, allows you to apply a 5 cm wide strip of colour to the base of your cows' tails in just one movement.
Brunsterkennungsfarbe mit Bürste Daisy Paint in den Farben Blau, Rot, Orange und Grün
The colour, enriched with a bitter substance and applied to the base of the tail, is rubbed off by jumping on each other. This makes it easy to recognise animals in heat, which increases insemination success, reduces the number of non-bearing animals and lowers reproduction costs. The curved brush with its flexible bristles adapts perfectly to the shape of the tail, applies the colour evenly and at the same time sparingly and enables colour savings of up to 30 % compared to other methods.

With our colour scheme you can mark the animals differently depending on the cycle, which offers significantly better visibility than conventional marking pens and sprays.
Anbringung der Brunsterkennungsfarbe mit DaisyBrush
Applying the colour with DaisyBrush

Tailpainter Applicator

Experience the ultimate in convenience with our tailpainter applicator, designed for safe, economical and time-saving application of heat detection colour.

With its innovative, angled telescopic rod and adjustable applicator head, it allows sufficient distance to the animal, minimises the risk of injury and guarantees a secure and firm grip for precise application thanks to the ergonomic D-handle.

Thanks to the flexible adjustment options, it can be used in the milking parlour, at the feed table or in the drive aisle. Changing the applicator head and the paint tank for different colours is extremely easy.

Compatible with our Daisy Paint heat detection paint, the tailpainter applicator offers an efficient heat detection solution that optimises your workflows and simplifies handling. Experience how our tailpainter applicator can revolutionise fertility management on your farm.
Applikator, um Brunsterkennungsfarbe auf den Rücken der Kuh aufzutragen

How exactly to use the tailpainter

Fill the 1 litre paint tank with Daisy Paint heat detection paint. One filling is sufficient for up to 120 animals. Alternatively, the 750 ml bottle of Daisy Paint can be screwed directly onto the applicator head instead of the colour tank.

Thanks to the ergonomic D-handle and the telescopic rod, the tailpainter applicator not only ensures a firm and secure grip, but also sufficient distance from the animal to minimise the risk of injury.

The 30 cm extension rod can be mounted at any angle and the applicator head can be rotated by 90° if required. Adjust the length and angle to suit your needs so that you can easily apply the colour in the milking parlour, at the feed table or at the side of the driveway.
Grafik: Brunsterkennungsfarbe wird mit dem tailpainter Applikator auf eine Kuh aufgetragen
Grafik: Brunsterkennungsfarbe wird mit dem tailpainter Applikator auf eine Kuh aufgetragen
Grafik: Brunsterkennungsfarbe wird mit dem tailpainter Applikator auf eine Kuh aufgetragen
The colour is applied cleanly and safely to the animals in just a few seconds using the special colour roller at the base of the tail. Marking with the tailpainter applicator saves time and is significantly more efficient than with conventional marking methods.

The paint rollers ensure that the marking paint is applied evenly and reduce paint consumption by up to 30%. The paint tank and applicator head can be replaced in just a few simple steps when changing colours.

The applied colour dries quickly and is rubbed off by animals in heat by jumping on each other. In this way, animals in heat can be recognised, heat detection improved and insemination success increased.