FAQ | Harmonix® Rodent Paste


Questions & Answers about Harmonix® Rodent Paste

Is the new product Harmonix® Rodent Paste also covered by §9?

Yes, as the approval is for professional use (persons with expertise).

What are secondary poisonings and do they also occur when using Harmonix® Rodent Paste?

Secondary poisoning is the ingestion of a harmful dose of the rodenticidal active ingredient by non-target animals (including dogs, cats, owls, birds of prey or polecats) when they eat poisoned rodents. This risk also exists with Harmonix® Rodent Paste, but is to be assessed as lower, since the active ingredient cholecalciferol is rapidly metabolised in the rodent.

Is Harmonix® Rodent Paste also available for consumers, or who is allowed to use the product?

No, the product has no approval for consumer/private end users.

Is a special control strategy required when using Harmonix® Rodent Paste?

Care must be taken to apply enough bait points and enough bait per bait point during the initial application. This is the only way to ensure that enough active ingredient is absorbed in the first 2-3 days of adoption.

Is Harmonix® Rodent Paste only approved in DE or also in other countries? Austria, Switzerland, etc.

Harmonix® Rodent Paste is currently approved in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The product launch in Austria will take place after the changeover to a 3kg package.