Rat and mouse control with a system

Rats and mice are a serious hygiene problem and wherever they appear, there is a risk of contamination and even disease transmission.
Rats can transmit up to 120 infectious diseases, which they spread via fleas, faeces, urine or bites. The best-known diseases include
  • the hantavirus (high fever, kidney failure)
  • cholera or
  • typhoid fever.
Decisive for the prevention or control of harmful rodents is appropriate farm hygiene, namely
  • Thorough barn cleaning several times a year, depending on infestation and occurrence.
  • Identify and eliminate possible entry points.
  • Consistently protect, remove and make inaccessible possible sources of food and feed that may attract rodents.

Weak points on house and yard

1 Silo
Grain store
4 Tool shed
5 Compost heap as food source
6 Firewood pile
7 Ground cover / heavy vegetation on the house
8 Missing eaves grille
9 Downpipes as a means of access
10 Clutter corner
11 Patio door
12 Sewer and its ending in the house
13 Cellar door
14 Ventilation holes in the masonry
15 Cellar window
16 Yellow sack / bio or waste bins
17 Fallen fruit
18 Birdhouses
19 Garden ponds / fish food