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Questions & Answers about the documentation

Is there an obligation to document the delivery?

The sale of products with more than 30ppm active substance is subject to the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance (§5 ChemVerbotsV):

  • Dispensers in the retail trade must be competent according to §5 ChemVerbotsV.
  • Permit requirement - dispensing must be authorised by the competent authority
  • Products labelled with H360D may not be dispensed through vending machines or in any other form of self-service
  • No delivery (also no shipping) to private consumers
  • Record-keeping and storage obligation
  • When do I have to carry out documentation when dispensing to professional users?

    If the product is subject to the ChemVerbotsV.

    Do I have to document the fight?

    Yes, professional users are subject to a documentation obligation when using rodenticides. The documentation must in any case show the location, the target, the biocidal products used (product and quantity) and the persons carrying out the pest control. The documentation must be kept for at least 5 years.