FAQ | Certificate of competence


Questions & answers about the certificate of competence

What can be sold without a certificate of competence?

Currently all products that are not subject to the ChemVerbotsV. For rodenticides: Products with less than 30ppm active substance content.

Do I need to check if the buyer is a professional user or is also 18 years old?

Yes, if the product is subject to the ChemVerbotsV.

Which certificates of competence count? Killing of small vertebrates according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances or the Plant Protection Act?

Both are possible, but may apply to different approved applications. Information on the product label.

Where can I get a certificate of competence according to ChemVerbotsV?

The chambers of agriculture, for example, are good contacts here.

If sellers have the certificate of competence, must end consumers also have the certificate of competence?

If the product is subject to the ChemVerbotsV, always both. Otherwise depending on the approval see product label.