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Questions & Answers about BayTool®

How does effective rat control work with a system?

BayTool® enables the digital planning, implementation and monitoring, including documentation, of all rodent control measures. This enables professional, systematic and structured implementation of control measures against rats and mice.

Can the sketch be changed afterwards or supplemented with further buildings?

Yes, once created, sketches in BayTool® can be changed at any time. New buildings can be added or buildings that no longer exist can be removed.

Is BayTool® subject to a fee?

Yes, a 12-month licence with access to all functions and extensive support costs €250.00. There is the possibility of a 14-day trial test, for which no costs are incurred. This can also be retrieved under www.baytool.de

Is BayTool® linked to Kerbl?

Currently, no linking is planned. An e-commerce module is conceivable for the future, for example, which would allow registered customers to order rat remedies in BayTool® directly via the Kerbl webshop.

Is BayTool® QA-capable?

BayTool® does not have official QS certification. However, the action reports generated in BayTool® fulfil the scope of documentation required by QS.